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We are a full-service medical billing company working with hospitals and physicians of all specialties nationwide. Leave the heavy lifting of your medical claim billing to us.

Expert in medical billing and coding

Why Choose MM Practice Management Company?

Our staff are certified medical coders and billers with years of experience in healthcare billing and coding. They hold qualifications from reputable organizations like AAPC and PAHCS, keeping up-to-date with the latest regulations and ensuring accurate and ethical billing. Through ongoing training and development, we provide seamless billing and coding services that increase revenue and improve patient care for healthcare providers.

Revenue Cycle Management

Verifying that every claim is submitted and filed according to the latest standards

Collection Agency Services

Ensures every patient's healthcare encounters are accounted for and paid in full


Keep healthcare professionals up to date on medical licensing and certifications

Merchant Services

Secure encryption methods ensure safe transactions you can trust


Here to guide your healthcare organization and promote growth that benefits your bottom line

HIPAA Compliance

Helping you achieve and maintain compliance while protecting patient information

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MM Practice Management Company provides medical billing services that help increase your office’s efficiency by lowering your costs and improving your bottom line.

Faster payment processing

Our medical billing service uses technology and works with insurance companies to ensure fast payment processing and minimize errors and delays. This helps our clients focus on patient care and maintain financial health.

Improved revenue cycle management

Our medical billing service boosts your facility's revenue by reducing claim denials and speeding up payment cycles. Our team provides advanced reporting for financial insights and hassle-free billing, allowing you to focus on patient care.

Reduced administrative workload

Our medical billing service simplifies billing procedures, resulting in fewer errors and less administrative work. Outsourcing yields more revenue and saves time for healthcare providers to focus on their patients.


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This company's medical billing services are excellent! They have increased our revenue, streamlined our billing processes and reduced our workload. They offer accurate and timely billing and are knowledgeable about the complex world of medical billing. Highly recommended!
Adam Sendler
As a medical office manager using this company's billing services for 6 months, I highly recommend them for improving revenue and simplifying the billing process. Their team is professional, knowledgeable, and thorough with catching errors.
Mila Kunis
I recommend this medical billing company. They are knowledgeable, accurate, timely, and have exceptional customer service. They have significantly improved my practice's revenue streams, allowing me to focus more on providing top-quality patient care.
Mike Stuart
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